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Organic 65% Chocolate &  Cacao Pulp
Organic 65% Chocolate &  Cacao Pulp

Organic 65% Chocolate & Cacao Pulp

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This unique bar is the embodies "nose to tail" chocolate. Cacao pulp is part of the cacao bean fermentation process that is critical for making chocolate. Cacao pulp has a very special flavor. Cacao pulp is the exquisite white liquid that covers the cacao bean. To create this special chocolate, Mashpi collects this elixir and transform it into a delicious liquid heart of this amazing bar, revealing the total potential of the famous Ecuadorian cacao. 
Some people describe the pulp as similar to balsamic vinegar, cherries, tart cherries, raspberries, honey, syrup, tart, sour, figs… the list goes on and on. The flavor is very unique!

Delicate 65% chocolate encases this cacao pulp! Winner of a bronze medal at the International Chocolate Awards, Americas 2016!

Ingredients: Cacao, raw cane sugar, cacao butter, cacao pulp

Net weight: 50 grams, 1 bar