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Tonnarelli is the thicker square cousin of spaghetti originating from around Rome in Lazio. These square strings are 3mm (3/32in) thick and square , the more famous version of this shape is from Abruzzo and is also known as spaghetti alla chitarra although it is a little thinner than Tonnarelli, around 2mm thick.

Our Tonnarelli provides a nice bite and more texture than your standard spaghetti making it perfect for more robust sauces. Made with Vermont winter wheat and heritage 00 flour as well as pasture raised farm eggs this thick pasta noodle is ready to be twirled though a rich farm sauce.

Sold by the Pound. 1 Pound serves about 4-6 adults.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Spelt Flour, Eggs, 

Contains: Wheat, Eggs

Suggested Sauce Pairing:
Amatriciana, Artichoke & Cardoon Ragu