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Your Farm to Table Gastronomia-

Bringing Meals with Gusto* to Your Table     

 Field to Fork, Artisan Italian, Edible Transparency

*Gusto- Italian for good flavor!

Trenchers Farm Team

We are husband and wife team Giacomo and & Jenny Vascotto! We met in a tiny town in Italy learning to butcher where our passion for food brought us together.
After years spent in top restaurants around the globe, our passion for food sprouted into a desire to learn about all aspects of the struggles facing our current food system. We began to see some of the big struggles and a plan to work towards change began to develop.

Less and less people knowing where the items on their table where coming from, farmers  struggling with the impossible task of competing with the BIG retailers and Chefs not stepping up to the role as first line advocates of a better food system. Our beliefs brought us together but our two very different backgrounds allowed us to partner to merge traditional Italian techniques passed down for generations with top restaurant skills. Changing our food systems starts from the ground up and we are so happy to be able to get our hands dirty in order to create nutrient rich and environmentally responsible farmed and hand crafted Italian specialties.


We decided that WE could be part of the solution by building a bridge between our soil and our bellies. 

Everyday meals are times to spread love and nothing taste better than a delicious and sustainable Italian dish. Allow us to share some our favorite dishes through our step by step recipe cards that highlight some of our farms bounty and seasonal specials. We know that sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut at dinner time and the unfamiliar, like Radicchio or Radish can be intimidating. Fear not, for we will empower you with the tools to get into the kitchen and try something new. 

The Italian Farmhouse from our fields to your kitchen!