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Pasta Fresca

We create our pastas and sauces by blending sustainable agriculture with Italian traditions. We believe in delicious, nutritious pasta that not only will transport you to Italy but also support small regenerative farmers. In Italy, pasta is eaten at least once a day and with our farm to table pastas now you can too!

Traditional Pasta is made from 100% 00 flour. This is flour that has been ground removing 55% of the bran and germ from the original wheat berry. To preserve the flavor and nutrient value of the grain we decided to make our pastas with about 50% 00 flour and 50% whole wheat. This means our pastas are healthier and have higher nutrient content than standard pastas as well as being incredibly flavorful.

Using 100% sustainable heritage grain is our promise. Our two millers are Elmore Mountain Bread in Morrisville, VT and Barton Springs Mill in Austin, TX. Being flavor and freshness our first priority, we always use fresh milled flours to provide the highest quality in every step of our pastas.

We grow as many of our veggies as we can on our farm in Lyndonville, VT, as well as support other Northeast Kingdom small farmers practicing regenerative farming. On our farm we strive to nurture our land with regenerative, beyond organic practices in order to grow the most nutrient rich, delicious ingredients. We never spray pesticides, even organic ones. Instead we use nature to help us through a carefully crafted system designed to mimic nature. 

Our eggs always come from Vermont, pasture raised, and organic grain fed chickens. We look for that bright orange, nutrient filled, yolk. We mainly use our own laying flock of 60 heritage breeds chickens and also support other Vermont egg farmers like Black Dirt Farms when our birds aren’t laying. 

We use Maple Brook Farms Ricotta, Sweet Rowen Creamery's Farmers Cheese as well as other local cheese maker's delicious cheese in our fillings. 

*our packaging is also 100% compostable. It is made from plants and will degrade into soil in approx 120 days. Please keep it out of the landfill*