Preorders for September 23rd & 24th are OPEN! Pick up at our farmstand, Montpelier, Burlington or Stowe Farmers Markets! Our Farmstand in Lyndonville is OPEN DAILY with SUMMER HOURS 8:30am-7pm.

The Trenchers Farm


On our one acre farm in Lyndonville, Vermont; we use regenerative, sustainable, insect and animal friendly farming practices to grow all of our vegetables and to raise our animals.  

   At Trenchers, we are a farmhouse that is open and welcome to all, come join the table!  


Our Mission for Sustainability starts from the ground up!

On our farm we strive to nurture our land with regenerative, soil first practices in order to grow the most nutrient rich, delicious ingredients. How our food is grown matters, it should nourish our bodies and communities! 
 While it was necessary to till to break ground in our fields, our system is designed to not disrupt the soil whenever possible. We never spray  pesticides even organic ones. Instead we use nature to help us. We are using an integrated pest management system through the use of inter planting of our vegetables and a crop rotation as well as building habitats for native insect and animal species! We also build native pollinator habitats and grow flowers and plants in order to always have flowers for our pollinator friends year round!

We are so proud to be living in Vermont and want our farm to be part of a sustainable solution that will provide and nourish our area for generations to come.