Preorders for September 23rd & 24th are OPEN! Pick up at our farmstand, Montpelier, Burlington or Stowe Farmers Markets! Our Farmstand in Lyndonville is OPEN DAILY with SUMMER HOURS 8:30am-7pm.

About the Trenchers Farm & Kitchen

 We are a husband and wife team, Giacomo and Jenny Vascotto! 

 We when Jenny traveled to Italy to learn to butcher, and our passion for food brought us together. Bridging traditional Italian techniques passed down for generations with top restaurant skills, we began dreaming up our farm-to-pasta project.

And after spending years in top restaurants around the globe, our passion for food sprouted into a passion for building a complete system from the ground up. Pasta and Italian tradition would be our canvas for creating our dream.

Let's be part of the solution by building a bridge between our soil and our bellies...

    At Trenchers we are always working towards the goal of the best pasta possible.
    This starts with our ingredients: check out our full list of partners we work with. 
    Changing our food systems starts from the ground up and we are happy to be able to get our hands dirty in order to create a nutrient-rich and environmentally responsible farm and hand-crafted Italian specialties.

    The Trenchers Farm 

    We believe that the greatest meals start from the ground up. 

    We strive to nurture our land with regenerative, sustainable, soil-first practices in order to grow nutrient-rich, delicious ingredients and respectfully raise our animals. How our food is grown matters: it should nourish our bodies and communities!  

     Our farm is located in Lyndonville where we raise a flock of 500 chickens of diverse and heirloom heritage. We feed our girls (and 5 roosters) organic feed that is soy-free and corn-free, as well as our kitchen and farm scraps. We manage our hens in a rotational pasture system maximizing their time to scratch and peck, doing what chickens do best. In return, our hens give us nutrient-rich, delicious, deep orange eggs that we use in all of our pastas, baked goods, and desserts.


     The farm consists of our two rotating gardens and two greenhouses where we grow Italian Heirloom vegetables and also a number of Slow Food Ark of Taste vegetable varietals. Building healthier, sustainable soil is the key to the most delicious vegetables we can grow. We never spray pesticides, even organic ones. Instead we use nature to help us, using an integrated pest management system, crop rotation, and by building habitats for native insect and animal species! 


     The Trenchers Kitchen

    Pasta and sauces that highlight tradition and sustainability

    We create our pastas and sauces by blending sustainable agriculture with Italian traditions. We believe in delicious, nutritious pasta that not only transports you to Italy but also supports small regenerative farmers.


    We make our pastas with a signature blends of heritage 00 flour and local wheat to create flavorful and nutritious products. This means our pastas are healthier and have higher nutrient content than standard pastas as well as being incredibly flavorful.


     Our eggs come from our flock of 500 heritage breed hens.  

    The majority of vegetables used in our kitchen are grown on our own farm, but we can't grow it all! We source other delicious vegetables and other ingredients from small farmers and producers in the northern Vermont. We love our local farmers!


    There are some ingredients that we could not cook without and are not made in Vermont. We pride ourselves in working with small producers who create or grow items sustainably and deliciously!

    No ingredient is too small or insignificant! We pride ourselves on transparency in all aspect of our farm and kitchen.

    Learn more about our Ingredients Here