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It's all in the Ingredients!

Where our ingredients come from matters!

Growing and raising nutrient-rich food is our passion but we can’t grow it all. Therefore, we are committed to partnering with others to use locally grown and eco-friendly products. We support other farmers who grow food that not only nourishes our bodies, but also our planet. 

 We are excited to announce that we are a Slow Food "Snail of Approval" 2022-2023 company! Slow Food Vermont's Snail of Approval is awarded to those restaurants, bars, food and beverage artisans, stores, and markets that contribute to the quality, authenticity, and sustainability of Vermont’s food supply and have been deemed outstanding among peers.


Our Farm in Lyndonville

We raise a flock 500 heritage breed chickens that produce rich eggs for our pastas. Our ladies are always on pasture and fed a diverse diet of organic (corn-free & soy-free) feed, kitchen and farm scraps, oyster shells, and local spent brewers grain.

We grow heirloom vegetable on 3/4 of an acre following Italian traditions, with minimal and no-till practices, and beyond organic regenerative farming. We believe that the healthier our soil is, the more delicious our vegetables are! 


Who Grows & Mills our Flours?

We use a blend of 100% Vermont grown, freshly milled organic wheat. Our two Vermont partnered farmers take great pride in growing sustainable, delicious, and easy to digest wheat. This blend allows us to create nutrient-rich pastas. If our pastas could talk, they would have a thick Italian accent fluent in Vermont agriculture. 

 Nitty Gritty started because they believe that small-batch grains taste better and are better for you. Their grains come from their farm in Charlotte, Vermont, where they grow delicious, certified Organic wheat and corn. Single-sourced and small batch, each of the Nitty Gritty products are certified organic. Check out Nitty Gritty Grains here
NEK Grains is a small family farm and their wheat is grown in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. NEK Grains believes that their soil health comes first, and the are therefore transitioning to organic and no-till grain practices! NEK Grains partners with New American Stone Mills to freshly mill our grain every other week for us so the flour is always fresh! Learn more about NEK grains here



 Other Farmers We Work With!

We can't grow it all! When items aren't coming from our farm they come from one of these fine folk!

Fieldstone Farm 

Regenerative, small scale, women-owned and operated in central Vermont. They are also our neighbors at the Montpelier Farmers Market! Learn more about Fieldstone Farm here

Le Page Farm

LePage Farm is a historic 7th generation Vermont Family Farm, recently transitioned to its next generation. Formerly owned and operated for over 40 years by Alan LePage, the farm is now under the management of his daughter Lila Humphries-LePage and her partner, Cameron Cahill. Lila and Cameron are committed to carrying on the legacy of growing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, while revitalizing the farmland and business. Learn more about Le Page Farm here

Pete's Greens

Pete’s Greens is a certified organic, four season, vegetable farm located on the edge of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in Craftsbury, VT. Learn more about Petes Greens here

Vermont Creamery

Since 1984, they have consciously crafted delicious dairy, made from high-quality ingredients, while supporting our farms, our people, and our community. We love working with their rich mascarpone cream as well as goat cheese! Check out Vermont Creamery here


Masphi Choco

Deep in the heart of the Choco cloud forest of Ecuador these amazing cacao growers are creating the most incredible chocolates. This floral and lush chocolate is grown with ancient national cacao plants in a system driven by regeneration and conservation of the forest. We love working with them not only because of the quality of their product, but because we believe in and support their philosophy and approach to farming. Working directly with the chocolate farmers and chocolatiers allows us to use the most fair-trade, organic, and delicious chocolate we have ever tasted. Learn more about Mashpi here

Sweet Rowen Farmstand

Heritage Lineback cows raised on Vermont pastures make the sweetest milk. We love being able to use Sweet Rowen Farmstead's milk for our besciamella and baked goods. Check them out here.

Wilson's Herb Farm 

This husband and wife team grows organic dried herbs! Learn more about them her

Hi Vue Maples

From Our Families Maple Grove To Your Family Table.
Since 1903 the first plume of steam rose from the Smith family sugar house, high in the hills of Richford, Vermont. Now, nearly 120 years and 5 generations later, Hi Vue Maples sells it’s Wild Crafted Maple Syrup and Honey worldwide and they continue the family tradition of innovation and sustainability by protecting woods and wildlife through the Audubon Certified Bird Friendly Maple Habitat and Cold Hollow to Canada and Vermont Land Trust Initiative. Learn more about their maple syrup here


Other Ingredients We Use! 

No ingredient is too small to matter! From Organic Fair Trade Sugars to Vinegars and more.

Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegars

SINCE 1605
Since the seventeenth century, the Giusti family has been producing Balsamic Vinegar, passing down a recipe that creates a complex harmony of flavors and a product of excellence, appreciated all over the world.

Creating an exceptional balsamic vinegar relies on competence, experience, attention to detail, and a lengthy period of aging. Proud of a know-how which has been refined over its 400 years family history, Giusti combines both respect for tradition with a sense of local corporate responsibility and a modern and sustainable production philosophy.

Cipof Pear & Apple Vinegars

In 1963, in the San Possidonio countryside, a region of the Modena lowlands, a far-sighted farmer, Cesarino Bellini, decided to bring together local farmers to re-structure their local fruit and vegetable farming industry. CIPOF, an inter-municipal cooperative for fruit and vegetable products, has since then been known for their pear and apple orchards, and we are proud to work with and distribute their vinegars.  Learn more about Cipof here

Organic Olive Oils, Nuts & Parmigiano Reggiano

We use Roger's Collection for sourcing our organic olive oils and small family-run Parmigiano Reggiano. At Roger's they travel the world in search of the authentic, artisanal, and absolutely delicious. We ferry those flavors across oceans, countries, and time zones to bring their products to your table.
They source every one their fine foods from fields and groves, hearths and hands we know and love. Despite their premium pedigree, their foods are—at their heart—home cooking, and our family hopes to share these products with yours. Learn more about them here

Burlap & Barrel- Beyond Fair Trade Spices

Burlap & Barrel is a Public Benefit Corporation building new international food supply chains that are equitable, transparent, and traceable. They work towards ending inequality and exploitation in food systems that disenfranchise skilled farmers, by connecting small-holder farmers to high-value markets, educating consumers about the impact of product traceability on human rights, and sourcing unique foods grown biodynamically and organically using traditional techniques. Learn more about them here

Organic Sugars

We work with Gilco Organics to always use organic fair trade Cane Sugars, Powdered Sugars, and Brown Sugars


Want to work with or partner with us? We are always looking to work with people growing and raising delicious sustainable products. Send us an email at!