Join us for a virtual cook along March 10th! Bucatini alla Carbonara!

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bucatini pasta, fresh pasta, long noodles


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Sold by the 13.7 oz,  4 Nests, Serves 4-5
Recommended Cooking Time: 3-5 minutes
Our take on Bucatini! 

Bucatini's name is derived from “Buco”, the Italian word for “hole”. This tubed pasta was invented in an attempt to allow boiling water to cook the pasta from the inside out.
Made with our signature blend of freshly milled flours and farm eggs! This delicious hearty and hollow noodle is a fan favorite for a reason. This classic shape is here for soaking up all of the summer tomato sauces and pesto!
Ingredients: 100% Vermont Grown Wheat Farm Eggs