Thanksgiving Specials are live! Snag some fresh pasta and more for Saturday Nov 21 Montpelier Thanksgiving Market or Sunday Nov 22 for on farm pick up!

Farmers we like to Brag about

We love talking about where we source our food!

Growing and raising nutrient rich food is our passion but we can’t grow it all. Therefore, we are committed to using locally grown and eco-friendly products always. Supporting farmers growing food that not only nourishes our bodies but also our planet. We are always looking to work with more farmers growing or producing something special. Know someone? Let us know!  

Burke Farmers Co-op

We are proud members of the Burke Farmers co-op, a small network of Burke Mountain area farmers working to bring locally and sustainably raised produce to the Northeast Kingdom. This means that when we can't grow it or need more of something we get delicious vegetables from our friends and neighbors here.


Elmore Mountain Bread & New American Stone Mills-
We believe in supporting local Vermont grain farmers and our millers at Elmore Mountain/ New American Stone Mills help connect us! We love getting our high protein flours, spelt and rye flours that make up over 50% of our flour in every product from these lovely folks. We only use freshly milled flour and our friends at New American Stone Mills special for us to order.They also make incredible fresh milled wood fired breads. Check them out here

Barton Springs Mill

These fine folks mill all of our 00 flours for us using heirloom grains organically grown by Texas farmers fresh for us. They are a leader in heritage and sustainable grain and milling. It is a pleasure to blend their delicious flours with our Vermont grown grains. Learn more about then here

Sweet Rowen Farmstead

Heritage Lineback cows raised on Vermont pastures make the sweetest milk. We love being able to use Sweet Rowen Farmstead's milk for our besciamella, and baked goods. the freshness and quality is unrivaled. We also use their farmers cheese and cheese curds in our filled pastas. They are also at the Montpelier farmers market so stop by their booth to say hi or check them out here.

 While we are raising a flock of 60 hens, right now they are pullets therefore not laying. Also pasta uses a lot of eggs to achieve a rich velvet texture.  How the hens that laid the egg were raised directly impact not only the color of the yolk but the flavor. We are committed to always using eggs from pasture raised chickens that are never fed Soy or GMO's. Our friends at Black Dirt Farm raise delicious eggs and we are happy to supplement our flock and support their farm! They also make nutrient rich organic compost that we use in all of our fields! Check them our here.

Mashpi Chocolate

Deep in the heart of the Choco cloud forest of Ecquador these amazing cacao growers are creating the most incredible chocolates. This floral and lush  chocolate grown with ancient national cacao plants in a system driven by regeneration and conservation of the forest is such a pleasure to work with. Learn more about Mashpi here 

Lava Java

Lava Java Coffee produces organically grown, bird friendly, fair wage, regenerative coffee beans. This conservation project discovered thousands of coffee beans on their property in the highlands of the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Their beans have notes of hazelnuts, honey, and tropical fruits, perfect for our signature tiramisu or simply a nice hot cup of coffee. Visit them here


Want to work with us, we are always looking to work with people growing and raising delicious sustainable products. Send us an email!