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very large shortbread cookie. italian cookies. sbrisolona

Sbrisolona - 2 Flavors - Hazelnut & Chocolate or Traditional Almond

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Sold in 8 inch rounds

This traditional, crumbly "cookie" from the area around the town of Mantova is irresistible. It is Jenny's favorite cookie of all time. This week we have 2 version. 1 is the traditional version with Sicilian almonds, fennel seeds and vanilla beans. The other takes the traditional version to Piemonte featuring Piemontese Hazelntus, Organic Ecuadorian Chocolate, Nitty Gritty Grain organic cornmeal, buttery NEK Grain shortbread crumbles perfect for anytime. Try it with yogurt, eat it with tea, or anytime! 

Ingredients: Hazelnuts or Almonds, Wheat Flour, Brown Butter, Organic Cornmeal, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Sugar, Organic Brown Sugar, Cardamom Seed, Salt.