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Kale and Sage Pesto

Kale and Sage Pesto

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Sold in 8 oz containers. Great for 1 pound of pasta. Frozen

Most Italian family makes pesto from their garden. While Genovese style basil pesto is the most famous, pestos are make with many different types of greens. This basil pesto features our farm grown Nero di Toscana kale. Our farm grown sage and tons of lemon zest add pops of brightness to this take on a classic pesto. We make this pesto creamy and smooth with Black Walnuts, Spicy Organic Spanish Olive Oil, and 24 month Parmigiano Reggiano.

Use this pesto can be used in place of traditional basil pesto but also is great as a condiment or dip, add some extra oil and turn it into the best marinade for chicken, fish, or vegetables, or swirl it through your next homemade loaf of bread. 

Ingredients: Kale, Organic Olive Oil, Sage, Basil, Black Walnuts, Lemon, Black Pepper, Salt, Chili Flake

Contains: Nuts, Dairy

Recommended Pasta Shape Pairings:

Radiatori, Trofie, Gnocchetti Sardi, Gnocchi di Patate, Tagliatelle, Agnolotti Greens & Cheese